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SKU: JIN-CIR-34-011

The cooper lid of the kettle fitted with silver hollow engraving knob. Representing it's exquisite workmanship. The cooper handle of this kettle is designed as auspicious ganoderma vine. The kettle is decorated with Longevity Crane and Tortoise pattern--- vivid, detailed, primitive and elegant. In ancient Chinese legend, when a crane is shown among clouds it stands for longevity, wisdom and nobility. When shown among pine trees, the crane symbolizes determination, wealth and power. When two cranes are shown together, it is the ultimate depiction of longevity.

The interior of this kettle is charcoal fired at 800-1000 degree. To form a layer of high density oxide membrane. This oxide membrane has the effect of anti-oxidation and slow down the rusting process of the iron kettle.

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