Cast Iron Kettle with Copper Lid, Handle and Silver Knob-High-temperature Oxidation-Crab

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Cast Iron Kettle with Copper Lid, Handle and Silver Knob-High-temperature Oxidation-Crab

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SKU: JIN-CIR-34-014

The kettle is covered with classic crab pattern. The rugged pattern is vivid, detailed, primitive and elegant. At first, the intended pattern has to be either printed or drawn on a piece of paper. The paper is then attached on the surface of clay mold and it is pressed with metal rod according to the motif. The handle and lid of this kettle are made of cooper and the lid fitted with silver hollow engraving knob. Representing it's exquisite workmanship.

The interior of this kettle is charcoal fired at 800-1000 degree. To form a layer of high density oxide membrane. This oxide membrane has the effect of anti-oxidation and slow down the rusting process of the iron kettle.

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About Our Cast Iron Kettle


1. Our cast iron kettles are made by pouring molten iron into"Sha Mu" literally "sand mold". Each one of the cast iron kettles is unique hand-made.


2. No enamel or glazing over the inside surface.

After molding, fire the interior with 800-1000 degree charcoal fire. To form a layer of high density oxide membrane. This oxide membrane has the effect of anti-oxidation and slow down the rusting process of the iron kettle.


3. You could use this cast iron kettle for boiling water and for brewing tea too!

Since there is no enamel or glazing on the inside of our cast iron kettle, you could heat this kettle directly on the open fire stove or an induction cooker. (Enamel coating kettles are not suitable to be heated directly. Direct contact with heat will cause deformations or strains that will cause cracking the inner layer of the kettle in the long run. This happens because of  differences in coefficients of thermal expansion that exist between the two materials, iron and enamel.)


4.Our cast iron kettle significantly changes the taste of water.

Boiling water with cast iron kettle, the iron content of the kettle will soften the water, meanwhile the resultant water provides additional health benefits. Brewing tea (especially for aged dark tea category-Pu-erh.) with cast iron kettle will boost the inner potential of the aged tea. The tea soup is thick and smooth. The fragrance will be much stronger and the taste of the tea becomes very mellow and sweet.


Making Cast Iron Kettle





Take care of the cast iron kettle:


1) When using the cast iron kettle for the first time, pour in water, place it on the open fire and boil the water. Once the water is boiled, pour off water. Then repeat this process with fresh water for a few more times to get rid of the interior odor of the new kettle. If you are using induction cooker, please set it to lower output until entire kettle is heated up. high temperature will causes stress to the new kettle.


2) You could place ginger or teabags into the new kettle and boil with water. The tea leaf extractive contains antioxidant which will protect the iron from rusting.


3) Each time after using the kettle, boil the remaining water and pour out the excess water. Make sure the inside of the kettle is thoroughly wiped out. Then remove the lid. The remaining heat will evaporate any excess water. Please do not heat the kettle without water inside. It will damage the kettle and crack may occur.


4)Whenever you refill the kettle, please make sure that there is water left inside. Never add cold water to burned kettle. It will damage the kettle due to sudden shrinkage of the material. If there is water remained, the temperature on the surface won't be higher than 100 degree C.


5)After using the kettle for a few days to a week, you may find red spots at the bottom of the kettle. It will definitely appear on new tetsubin. This is normal. It is the reaction of minor minerals remained on the surface. You could wipe or scrub it with clean cloth.


6)In about 2 week's time, you may find some white spots at the bottom part of the kettle. This is also normal. This is a layer of natural minerals, such as calcium carbonate, that is built up from use. Never try to remove it as this layer also contributes in improving the taste of water and will help to prevent rust. From my observation, the old tetsubin that is kept in good condition always has a layer of white scale as thick as snow.


7) Do not wash the kettle with chemicals, detergent. Do not scrub the inside or outside of the kettle with wire brush.


8) Never leave any water in the kettle after using.


9) If the kettle get rusted. Please don't try to scrub it or wash it with chemicals. If the rust appears inside the kettle, place some teabags into the kettle then boil it with water for a while, switch off the heater, let it naturally cools down and leave it for a few hours. The antioxidant from tea leaves will reduce the rust spots. If the rust appears outside the kettle or on cap, heat up the kettle, and then wipe the rust spots with lightly squeezed teabags. Repeat this process until the rust spots fade away.


10) To maintain the glossy and smooth outlook of the kettle, try cleand and polish it with a piece of soft cloth or squeezed teabags.


Health Benefits of Using Cast Iron Kettle


The necessary amount of iron that our body requires is about 10mg per day for ordinary people and 20-23mg per day for a pregnant woman. Using cast iron kettle, it provides ferrous ion which is easier for our body to utilize compared to ferric ion. The iron is the main component of hemoglobin in red blood cells. The function of red blood cell is to supply oxygen for respective organs in our body. Sufficient supply of oxygen keeps our health very well. Having exercise, massage or acupuncture is good for our health for the same reason that it improves blood flow and supplies our body with oxygen. In particular, iron intake contributes to the improvement of immune system, as well as improves liver function, constipation problem, beneficial for low blood pressure patients and even for those with infertility problem.


Since the cast iron kettle get rusted easily, will the rust effect health?


Medically, rusted iron is safe for health. Scientifically, rust is caused by oxidation, which occurs when oxygen contacts with iron for a long time. The oxygen combines with the metal at atomic level, forms an iron oxide and weakens the internal bonding of the metal.



Additional Information

SKU JIN-CIR-34-014
Dimension Width: 170mm Dia-opening: 85mm Height: 220mm
Net Weight 1970g
Capacity 1.2L
Material Cast Iron
Manufacturing Technique Mould Production
Country of Manufacture China
Wholesale Notice N/A
Price $150.00


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