Flower tea is easy to get and make, without caffeine but with the fragrance of a flower or plant. It can help you relax. It has become a trendy health drink.
There are many flowers and grass that can be made into tea, such as the chrysanthemum, rose, sweet-scented osmanthus, jasmine, lavender, mint, roselle, honeysuckle, purple perilla, mulberry leaves and the lotus leaves. Both the fresh leaves or flowers, and the dried flowers or leaves can be made into drinks if brewed in hot water, or boiled, or with ice cube, and can be drunk separately, or together with the other flower, grass or fruit or herbal drinks.


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  1. Winter Sweet-Chimonanthus

    Starting at $2.65
    Dried whole piece Winter Sweet-Chimonanthus flowers. Bright yellow in color. Clean, neat with fresh fragrance. Learn More
  2. Jasmine

    Starting at $3.25
    Dried jasmine flower buds. Neat, clean. Please note, the dried flowers have fragrance that different from original jasmine fragrance. Learn More
  3. Edelweiss(Green Bonnie flower)

    Starting at $3.50
    This Edelweiss(Green Bonnie flower) harvest from north Tibet Plateau. The flowers are large, light green in color, clean, neat and tidy. Learn More
  4. Peony Buds

    Starting at $2.00
    Dried peony flower buds. Even, clean, bright, pink in color with sweet fragrance. Learn More
  5. Rosebuds-Pingyin

    Starting at $2.60
    This tiny rose buds harvest from Pingyin area of Shandong province. Which is a famous rose growing area in China. The rose buds are carefully selected and dried. Even, neat and tidy. The beautiful pink color and the high rose fragrance has been well kept after drying. Ideal to to served as herbal tea or blend with black tea. Learn More
  6. Honeysuckle

    Starting at $4.75
    High grade Honeysuckle. Neat, clean with fresh fragrance. Learn More
  7. Chamomile

    Starting at $4.35
    This dried Chamomile flowers is harvest chamomile plants that grown in plateau mountain area. It is reputed to have many health and digestive benefits. Learn More
  8. Osmanthus

    Starting at $8.50
    Gold yellow Osmanthus flower. Natural dried. Clean, light yellow color. Sweet fragrance. Learn More
  9. Heather Flower

    Starting at $7.25
    Dried Heather Flower buds. Neat, clean, light pink color. Learn More

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  10. Wild Chrysanthemum Tiny Buds

    Starting at $3.50
    Wild Tiny Chrysanthemum Buds Flower Tea. Pure buds. Dry, clean, even. Learn More
  11. Camellia


    Special Price $1.15

    Now ON SALE 50% off the original price. Buy 500g and get a glass canister for FREE. Learn More
  12. Magnolia

    Starting at $2.65
    Whole piece Magnolia flower. Dark purple color. Even and clean. Learn More
  13. Forget-me-nots(sea-lavender)

    Starting at $2.35
    Dried Forget-me-nots(sea-lavender) flower. Purple color. Please note this flower contains some slim flower stalks. Learn More
  14. Trollius(Globe Flower)-Gold Chain Lotus

    Starting at $6.75
    Whole Trollius(Globe Flower)-Gold Chain Lotus flower. Fresh dried, bright yellow. Learn More
  15. Chinese Prozac-Albizzia Flower

    Starting at $2.00
    Dried Albizzia Flower. Yellow, orange color. Good to treat sleep problems. Learn More
  16. Lavender

    Starting at $2.65
    High quality dried Lavender flower. Harvest from high altitude plantation of Tianshan Mountains. Clean, neat, original purple color. High fragrant. Learn More
  17. Evening Primrose

    Starting at $3.50
    Dried Evening Primrose flower, light yellow color, sweet, refreshing, come with strong fragrance. Learn More
  18. Flos Puerariae Flower

    Starting at $1.75
    Loose Puerariae Flower. A great therapy to treat alcohol abuse, drunkenness, and hangover. Learn More
  19. Roselle-Hibiscus

    Starting at $3.90
    Fresh Roselle(Hibiscus) flower, harvest from the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. Carefully dried- clean, neat and tidy. It has a natural lemony sour taste, and is enjoyable served hot or cold. Learn More
  20. Hypericum Patulum

    Starting at $3.50
    Dried Hypericum Patulum flower buds. Orange color. Even, clean. Learn More

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