Herbal tea is made from herbal medicines to help to cure diseases. Some compound herbal tea may contain animal organs or minerals. Today, herbal tea is widely used as remedies—the cooling herbal tea, weight-losing tea, stomach strengthening tea and the blood pressure-lowering tea.
You must be prudent while choosing herbal tea. Consult a doctor as soon as any discomfort arises. The common herbal tea materials include medlar, cinnamon, Juemingzi, licorice, Sterculia lychnophora, Motherwort, Ginkgo biloba, American ginseng and ginger slice etc.


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  1. Rosemary Leaf, cut and sifted

    Starting at $2.40
    This Rosemary tea is made of the plant's leaf, even, clean, dry and light jade green in color. Learn More
  2. Xuan Mi-Genmai Cha-Brown Rice Green Tea

    Starting at $3.25
    This genmai cha is made of combining steamed green tea with toasted rice. The toasted rice is even, clean, crisp, light brown in color. The steamed green tea is made of latest harvest green tea leaves, fresh, whole-leaf, high quality. Learn More
  3. Sage(Salvia)

    Starting at $3.00
    This Sage(Salvia) contains branches and leaves, dry and clean. Learn More

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  4. Dried Hawthorn-Hawberry Slices

    Starting at $1.25
    Shan zha-hawthorn has been used for hundreds of years in tradition Chinese medicine. Herbalists believe it is mild and effective for improving digestion and reduce blood press. Learn More
  5. Cassia Seed

    Starting at $1.50
    This Cassia Seed is roasted and ready for herbal tea using. (If you need raw Cassia Seeds, please contact us for more details) Learn More
  6. San Qi(Sanchi)-Radix Notoginseng Flower

    Starting at $7.75
    This San Qi(Sanchi)-Radix Notoginseng Flower harvest from 4 years aged plants. The flower is large and complete. Learn More
  7. Linden-Flower, Leaf and Seed of Bodhi Tree

    Starting at $2.25
    This herbal is made of flower, branch, leaf and seed of Bodhi Tree. Nutrally dried, clean, even, yellowish green in color. Learn More
  8. Bamboo Leaf

    Starting at $2.25
    Now ON SALE 50% off the original price. Buy 500g and get a glass canister for FREE. Learn More
  9. Licorice Root

    Starting at $1.85
    Top level Licorice Root slices. Best sugar substitute choice. Learn More
  10. Ku Ding Cha(Chinese Holly)-Bitter Nail Tea, Twist Shape

    Starting at $2.35
    This Ku Ding Cha is made of large, mature leaf of Kuding plants. Hand made into twisted nail shape. Dark drown in color. Learn More
  11. Ku Ding Cha(Chinese Holly)-Bitter Tea,Loose leaf

    Starting at $3.75
    This Kuding tea is made of tender Kuding buds and leaves. Tender, slim, fresh, dark green in color. Learn More
  12. 10 Years Chen Pi-Dried Tangerine/Orange Peel

    Starting at $12.00
    120g~150g/bundle, sun dried, 10 years aged. Learn More
  13. Verbena

    Starting at $5.50
    Verbena leaves, dry, clean, intact, fresh. Learn More
  14. Luo Han Guo-Fruit of Siraitia Grosvenori

    Starting at $1.35
    (1 piece dried fruit) This Luohanguo is collected as a round green fruit that turns brown upon drying.The outer surface of the dried fruit is round and smooth, yellowish brown in color. The fruit has a hard but thin shell that covered with fine, soft hair. Learn More
  15. Ginkgo Biloba

    Starting at $2.25
    This Ginkgo Biloba tea is made of leaves of Ginkgo trees grown in mountain area. Naturally grown and no chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used on the plants. The leaves are carefully cleaned and dried. Learn More
  16. Lotus Leaf-Slices


    Special Price $0.85

    Now ON SALE 50% off the original price. Buy 500g and get a glass canister for FREE. Learn More
  17. Senna

    Starting at $1.70
    This Senna leaf is light green in color, the leaf is complete, clean and dry. Learn More
  18. Dandelion

    Starting at $2.00
    Please note this herb harvested in whole plant(root, twig, leaf, flower), all natural and only been sun dried without any further processing. It may contains earth and dust. Please wash before using. Learn More
  19. GoJi-Wolfberry-Lycium chinense-Medlar

    Starting at $2.25
    This Wolfberry is harvest from plateau of southern ningxia area. The plants are naturally grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides used. The fruit is in top grade, large, dry and super clean.(no need to wash before using) Learn More
  20. Mugicha-Roasted Barley Tea

    Starting at $1.00
    This barley tea is made of slightly simmering roasted barley grains over a low flame. It has a mild, slightly nutty flavor, a toasty taste with slight bitter undertones just like coffee. But it has no caffeine. It goes well with any type of food. Learn More

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Items 1 to 20 of 32 total

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