The 4 Famous Wuyi Oolong Tea-Bai Ji Guan-White Cockscomb

General Introduction

Legend has it that the name of this marvelous tea (White Cockscomb) was given by a monk in memorial of a courageous rooster that sacrificed his life while protecting his baby from an eagle.

Touched by the display of courage and love, the monk buried the rooster and from that spot, the Bai Ji Guan tea bush grew.
Today, Bai Ji Guan tea bush is one of the 4 famous Wu Yi's tea bushes. Among all the Wu Yi teas, Bai Ji Guan is the rarest. This is because it requires great skill and effort to produce this magnificent tea and there are not many tea masters that can do it properly today, to begin with.

One error and the tea leaves could turn dark-brown like other Wu Yi teas.

And from these handfuls of skilled tea masters, only a few of them are willing to process Bai Ji Guan tea.

Its wonderful complex taste and rarity makes it one of the most treasured Oolong in the world.

Other names:

White Cockscomb


Wu Yi Shan(Wu Yi Mount), Fujian Province of China




For hundreds of years, this process was kept secret by tea makers in China, and even getting a glimpse into the intricate inner workings was virtually impossible for outsiders.

Therefor the art of making oolong tea is little known outside China.


Nowadays, even though most of the steps are public knowledge, aspiring imitators still find it hard to master the all of the skills needed to make truly great oolong tea.

Oolong tea can be machine or handmade. Premium grade oolong teas, such as the high grade Wuyi Rock tea and Anxi Tieguanyin, are always handmade.

Generally speaking, there are 7 major steps in processing Wu Yi oolong tea.


Grade & Inspection



One of the most unique teas of Wuyi Shan, Bai Ji Guan contains hints of a chocolate maltiness, a unique light keemun-like flavor, and a bit of peach, a very delicate after taste and a sense of sweetness, like English coffee. Bai Ji Guan taste is wonderfully complex.



The shape of the tea leaves are of ordinary Wuyi Oolong but the color is somewhat yellowish green.
The name Bai Ji Guan--literally, "white cock's comb" refers to the unique color of the new-grown leaves from the spring harvest: the shape and color of the leaves is said to look like the comb of a cock.

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