Dark Tea

Everything bout dark tea---brick tea etc.
  • Storage of Dark Tea

    Dark tea is a special type of the top six teas in China. The storage condition of other teas should avoid oxidation and damp, while dark tea could be stored in natural conditions for further fermenting and aging. But there are always some basic principles and points for attention in...
  • The Process Technology of Anhua Dark Tea

    Fresh raw materials of dark tea mainly consist of fresh tea leaves ranging from the first-grade to fourth grade leaves and stalks. 1st Grade-1 bud and 3~4 leaves-mainly used to make Tian Jian, Gong Jian loose leaf dark teas. 2nd Grade-1 bud and 4~5 leaves-mainly used to make Gong Jian...
  • Health Benefits of "Hei Cha"-Dark Tea

    Chinese people have a tradition of tea treatment since ancient times. People have been using aged tea to treat diabetes, dysentery and colds. According to the modern medical science tea polyphenols, tea polysaccharide, tea saponin, amino acid, alkaloids and inorganic elements have health benefits on human beings. As one of...
  • The Classification of Anhua Dark Tea

    AnHua dark tea mainly includes: Brick series-Zhuan Cha, Tip series-Xiang Jian and Huajuan(Qian Liang Cha)-steamed roll series.   ⒈ Brick series ⑴ Flower Brick-Hua Zhuan-made of 3rd grade raw tea leaves(same as Huajuan-steamed roll series) It evolved from Huajuan tea.And there are patterns around the brick. So it was called...
  • History of Anhua Dark Tea

    Anhua dark tea has a rich cultural background in the long tea history. Anhua is the birthplace of the first Qianliang tea, Black Brick and Fu Brick. In Tang Dynasty(618–907), AnHua dark tea has become a tribute to the royal families and Anhua became famous for dark tea; during the...
  • The Handmade Pu-erh Tea Balls

    This Spring, ESGREEN has been cooperating with Meng Hai Tong Qing tea factory and release this fire-new Pu-erh tea ball series.


    These tea balls are handmade of high quality raw materials that originally harvest from different tea mountains.
    Such as Jing Mai, Bu Lang, Yi Wu and so on. Some of the raw materials are pick up from ancient tea trees that over 100 years old.
    And only the first batch of the Spring leaves, a bud with a leaf have been chosen. So, each tea ball has its own charactor.

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