Green Tea

Everything about green tea.
  • How to Brew Tai Ping Hou Kui

    Water In you are using tap water, it is necessary to use a water filter that consists of activated carbon filter. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the authentic taste of tea. If using a commercial mineral water, it is important to choose the natural mineral water. Never use...
  • To Discriminate Tai Ping Hou Qui and Recognize the Grade

    Leaf Shape: Leaf is fleshy, thick, robust, straight with tips, not in a loose manner, not curled and not curved. The real Taiping Houkui must consist of twigs whereby each twig is made of one bud embraced by two leaves, and naturally stretched. For poorer quality, the tea contains single leaf...
  • The Process of Making Tai Ping Hou Kui

    Cultivar and Plucking: The local cultivar, called Shi-da Cultivar (Shi-da Pin-zhong) is carefully selected at Anhui Province, and seed breeding is carried out. This rare cultivar is specifically bred for this tea and not used for other types of tea product. The tea leaves are big, oval shaped, thick but...
  • The Growing Area of Tai Ping Hou Kui

    The production area of the real Taiping Houkui is limited to three villages only; namely, Hou-keng (Monkey Pit), Hou-cun (Monkey Village) and Yan-jia (Yan Family). These three villages are located at Xin-ming Courtyard (Xin-ming Xiang), at Huang-shan City, Anhui Province. The tea gardens are scattered around t the mountainous area...
  • The History of Taiping Houkui

    The Taiping Houkui is a China historical tea, it was produced as early as the Qing Dynasty at Anhui Province. It belongs to the rare group of tea, i.e., the sharp-shaped green tea ( Jian-cha). Its name refers to its shape: the pointed shape at the sides, the top and...
  • How to Brew Long Jing Tea

    It is nice to brew Long Jing in long glass. It is suitable as you can observe tea leaves and enjoy how they move up and down. Water for Brewing Please use soft water. Usually TDS: below 130mg/liter makes taste smooth and sweet. It is suitable to effectively extract most...

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