Feng Huang Dan Cong-Phoenix Single Bush Oolong Tea


About the name

Feng Huang Dan Cong,  a family member of stripe-style oolong teas from Guangdong Province. "Feng Huang"- literally Phoenix refers to the producing area phoenix mountain.  "Dan Cong"-literally single bush or single shrub refers to the tea cultivar.

Producing Area

Feng Huang Dan Cong grows in Wudong Mountain Area, Chaozhou City Guangdong Provience. Wu Dong Mountain is the second peak of Fenghuang(Phoenix) Mountain , the elevation is 1391 meters above the sea level.
This area is famous for it's mild and humid climate. It is close to the east China sea. The average annual temperature is above 22 ℃ and the annual precipitation is about 1800 mm.
The tea gardens are surrounded by mist, clouds and humid air. The deep fertile soil is rich in organic matter and trace elements, which is helpful for the formation of tea poly-phenols and aromatic substances.
This high altitude environment and the mild, humid climate  gives Phoenix oolong a unique "high mountain" flavor- sweet, honeyed taste and varies floral fragrance.

Cultivar and Plucking

The individual plant selected and cultivated from the group of Phoenix Shui Xian(literally Phoenix Water Faery) tea cultivars found at the Phoenix Mountain. There are many sub-cultivars under this group and each individual bush has its own characteristic in terms of the leaf and shape of tea tree.
Different tea bushes give Dan Cong a wide range of aromatic profile which naturally imitate the flavors and fragrances of various flowers and fruits, such as orchid, pomelo, magnolia, almond, cinnamon , osmanthus etc.
Since  the mother plant of the cultivar is aged more than 200 years. This selected individual plant is particularly bred and processed.  The tea leaf is thick but soft with bud in light yellowish green color and a sharp tip.
The plucking starts by the end of March. When the first buds grow and fully develop, it is called Zhu-ya (hold the buds). In particular, the plucking process will not be carried out if the tea leaves are covered with thick dew or after the rain.
The tea bud is tenderly plucked together with 2-3 leaves by hand.  The plucked leaf then will be gently placed into a bamboo basket.

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