Grade & Inspection of Silver Needle

Grade & Inspection


silver needleDry leaf

Contains fleshy buds in straight needle-shapes, covered with a silvery white down that is indicative of reserved quality white tea.

Poor quality tea is mixed with broad strips of leaves and/or skinny bud.

Some are 'chopped' and without tips.

It also contains a lot of leaves which are blackish in color.

Color of dry leaf

Good quality Silver Needle shows silvery grayish green color and the white down is evenly covers the bud.

It looks lustrous and bright.

Poor quality tea is in either reddish color caused by drying at high temperature or damaged during withering.

If the tea is over-fired during drying, the bud shows a dull appearance with yellowish color.

The bud is in dark moldy color if it is not well-dried or the drying temperature is too low.

Aroma and Flavor

When brewed, the liquor gives a scent of a fresh green note.Steeping Silver Needle in Glass Gai Wan-2


Color of liquor

Bright, clear, with very light almond-like yellowish color.


Mellow, smooth and without astringency.

It gives a fresh green note with a mild sweet after taste lingering on the tongue.

Brewed leaf

The brewed buds show delicate, bright and even yellowish green color.

When touched with the finger, the buds are thick but soft and elastic.

If its of poor quality, the bud is either yellowish green or dark green color, with a dull appearance.

When touched, the bud is thin.

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