How to Brew Silver Needle

There are a few brewing methods for white tea.

Brewing by Long Glass

We recommend the long glass so that you can enjoy seeing the dancing of tea leaves in the water.

Sliver Needle Steeping Method

Brewing by Gai-wan

Gai-wan is also a good way to brew white tea. Take 3g of tea leaves for 150-200ml of water.

Sliver Needle Steeping Method-2

Special Brewing Method

White tea can be brewed with cold water as well.

Sliver Needle Steeping Method-3

It is necessary to use either mineral water or filtrated water in order to avoid the chlorine smell.

Use 3g of tea leaves for 200ml of water and leave it for more than 30 minutes.

The taste of tea brewed using cold water is more natural and you might enjoy the greenish flavor.

The color of tea tends to be rather colorless, yet it gives a rich taste.

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