Rose Tea Drinking Method

Recommend tea sets: White chinaware or clear glass cup. This will allows you to see the beautiful colors change and how the buds blooming in the cup , totally enhanced your tea drinking experience.

(A) Traditional Method:
First, pour boiling water over a few grams of rosebuds. Strain the rosebuds and pour away the water. You could consider this step as "waking the rosebuds up"
Then, pour the water over the buds again and wait for 3-5mins. Then strain the rosebuds, add a little honey to taste (optional) and enjoy.

Tips: You could put the strained rosebuds into the cup again and brew the tea follow the about steps and our highly purified rosebuds could be brewed for three times.

(B) Rose Milk Tea:
First, mix up the rosebuds with black tea (Keemum recommended). As for the quantity, this absolutely depends on the tea pot (or cup) you use. The general proportion is 1 teaspoon rosebuds mix up with 3 teaspoons black tea. Second, warm up about 150ml fresh milk. During this time, pour boiling water over the rosebuds and black tea, strain the tea and pour away the water. Then pour about 150ml hot water over the tea again. After you finish this step, the milk maybe just ready. Next, mix up the milk and the tea water, add in 2 teaspoons honey (or sugar as you like). Keep stirring until you can see some bubbles appear. Ready to enjoy. Tips: You could wait about 2-3mins for the black tea leaves sinking.

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