The 4 Famous Wuyi Oolong Tea-Shui Jin Gui-Golden Turtle

General Introduction

One of Wuyi top 4 tea, Shui Jin Gui, which means "Golden Turtle" is strong and rich tea with a very slight hint of fruity aroma.

This Wu Yi oolong is named for the hunched-over shape of the tree it comes from. According to Chinese legends, Shui Jin Gui tea plant is a transmigration of a turtle god.

Despite achieving godhood after a thousand years of meditation, the turtle god soon felt discontented as his hard effort as the Heaven's Tea Gardener often went unnoticed.One morning, he awoke to the noise of tea farmers celebrating their harvest of first flush tea leaves happily.Upon seeing this, the turtle god realised that he would be better appreciated as a tea plant and thus he gave up his immortality to become the Shui Jin Gui tea plant
A richly flavored, Wuyishan long leaf oolong which is made to a dark roasted style. The tea has a deep chocolate character with a hint of malt on the palate. It is one of the better oolongs for meals and an excellent after dinner choice. It is one of the four famous bushes (Da Hong Pao, Bai Ji Guan, Tie Luo Han, Shui Jin Gui) of Wuyi. It has a complex, mineral-rich flavor. Brew it in a gai wan for best results.

Other names:

Golden Turtle, Golden Marine Turtle,Golden Water Turtle


Wu Yi Shan(Mt.Wuyi), Fujian Province of China


For hundreds of years, this process was kept secret by tea makers in China, and even getting a glimpse into the intricate inner workings was virtually impossible for outsiders.Therefor the art of making oolong tea is little known outside China.
Nowadays, even though most of the steps are public knowledge, aspiring imitators still find it hard to master the all of the skills needed to make truly great oolong tea.
Oolong tea can be machine or handmade. Premium grade oolong teas, such as the high grade Wuyi Rock tea and Anxi Tieguanyin, are always handmade.

Generally speaking, there are 7 major steps in processing Wu Yi oolong tea.

Grade & Inspection



Shui Jin Gui has distinct fruity and flowery taste and aroma.Compared to other Wuyi tea, the taste is more subtle as it process with a lighter fire finish.
The flowery aftertaste lingers on after every sip. Simply delicious!



Dark and slightly curled tea leaves. Shui Jin Gui infusion yields lighter green-amber color liquod.


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