Steaming Green Tea-En Shi Yu Lu-the Jade Dew



En Shi Yu Lu is the Chinese green tea that most resembles Japanese green tea and is one of China retained green tea that is processed with steam deactivation method entirely,which is not too much left. The leaves are reminiscent of gyokuro or sencha leaves, but despite the steaming, it is quite Chinese in character and appearance, which is much more delicate, even and slick.

Buds and leaves need to be slender, tight, smooth, bright, uniform and straight, like the pine needle. Its lines are tight, slender, smooth and straight. The dry leaf is in vivid dark green color which is the particular character of steamed green tea. The flavor of En Shi Yu Lu is floral and vegetal in the cup, and the tea has a rich body and mouthfeel.
The tea quality features “three greens,” namely, green dry leaf, green tea liquor and green brewed leaves.
Only by this way, the tea is well express the best features of steamed green tea.
En Shi Yu Lu is the Chinese and Southeast Asia's love, rated as one of the "China top ten famous tea"

History of Steaming Green Tea

Steaming is used widely in green tea by Tang dynasty(over 1300 years ago), then the technique is learnt by Japanese and they made the sencha.
After Tang dynasty, steaming as a distinct step in tea processing disappeared in Chinese tea manufacturing. Tea makers in China start using pan-fire technique instead.

Why things will change?
Because, steaming is just one of the steps before being rolled and shaped into "Tuancha" (ball tea). With the increasingly popular of the loose leaf tea, people getting tired of the vegetal scent of steamed green tea, which is considered stuffy and grassy. Also, it's taste is too harsh and is not easily being controlled during steeping. Gradually, the pan-firing processing becoming popular.

Harvest Time of En Shi Yu Lu

Pre-Qing Ming teas are the first teas plucked each new spring season and are considered the best quality. Depending on the location and altitude in each tea producing region, leaf plucking can begin as early as the middle week of March and continue until April 5th.

The Origin Where En Shi Yu Lu Tea Produced

En Shi Yu Lu(Jade Dew, Jade Green) green tea originates from southwest region of En Shi area. While the Wufeng mountains, eastern outskirt of Enshi city of Hubei province is the main producing area. Weather there is humid and moderate all year round.

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