Steeping Yellow Tea


Transparent glass teacup, glass teapot or glass Gai Wan. These transparent tea steeping vessels could display the expansion of the tea leaves as they float in the golden liquid, and allow you to enjoy the pleasures of reinfusion.

Tea will take on a bitter aftertaste if it is left to steep for too long, so it is a good idea to only steep as much tea as you are going to drink right away. That's why pots or cups for green, white and yellow tea are often quite small.


Yellow tea is brewed in much the same way as white tea. This means that the water should not be hotter than about 180 degrees F, or 80 degrees C, and steep for five minute or more for the first infusion.

A good way to guess at the water temperature without a thermometer is to bring the water to a boil, and wait about 60 seconds before pouring over the leaves.


Yellow tea can easily take 2-3 infusions (or more depends on the quality),

The first steeping should only last from five to ten minutes, depending on your individual preferences. This short infusion time is generally sufficient to bring out the best qualities.

The second steeping may also last for several minutes longer, so as to the third.

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