rose flower

  • Rose Tea Drinking Method

    Recommend tea sets: White chinaware or clear glass cup. This will allows you to see the beautiful colors change and how the buds blooming in the cup , totally enhanced your tea drinking experience. (A) Traditional Method: First, pour boiling water over a few grams of rosebuds. Strain the rosebuds...
  • The Health Benefits of Roses

    rose buds tea
    Rose is a kind of precious medical materials,can beautify and improve the skin,dredge the channels,soften the blood tube.It works on CCVD,high blood press,heart diseases,and gynaopathy effectively.It coordinate liver and spleen,regulate vital energy and stomach.

    "It has been used in traditional Chinese herbal medicine to treat conditions influenced by female hormones, including menopause and dysmenorrhea. No clinical trials to evaluate the effectiveness of rose tea have been done previously. Continue reading

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