The Classification of Anhua Dark Tea

The classification of Anhua dark tea

AnHua dark tea mainly includes: Brick series-Zhuan Cha, Tip series-Xiang Jian and Huajuan(Qian Liang Cha)-steamed roll series.

AnHua Dark Tea-Brick series-Tea Bricks


⒈ Brick series

⑴ Flower Brick-Hua Zhuan-made of 3rd grade raw tea leaves(same as Huajuan-steamed roll series)
It evolved from Huajuan tea.And there are patterns around the brick. So it was called as "Hua Zhuan", literally flower brick.

⑵ Black Brick-made of 4th grade raw tea leaves.
It has a similar compressing process with Flower Brick.

⑶ Fu Brick-made of 3rd~4th grade raw tea leaves.
Fu-bricks are produced in the hot summer days which were called “fu” days in traditional Chinese solar terms. So it was named as "Fu-Brick". Classy Fu-bricks are made by hand using 3rd grade raw tea leaves. Standard level Fu-bricks are made by machine with mixed raw tea leaves in 3rd and 4th grade.

AnHua Dark Tea-Tips Series--Loose leaf


2. Tip series are also known as Xiangjian refined from tippy tea leaves and packed in bamboo baskets. The tip series are made of tender tea leaves and were regarded as the royal tribute in the old days.

⑴ Tianjian-Top Tips
It is refined mainly from the first-grade raw tea leaves and a small quantity of second-grade raw tea leaves.

⑵ Gongjian-Tribute Tips
It is refined mainly from the second-grade raw tea leaves and a small quantity of first-grade and third-grade raw tea leaves.

⑶ Shengjian-Raw Tips
It is refined from crude tea which consists of big leaves and tea stalks.

Anhua Dark Tea-Huajuan series-Steamed roll

3. Huajuan series
It originates from Bailiang(hundred tael) tea. Now it contains different types classified by weight such as Qianliang(thousand tael) tea and Shiliang(ten tael) tea which are produced through tramping process.

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