The Grade and Inspection of the Jasmine Scented Tea-Dragon Pearl

Dry leaf
Tightly rolled into round shape. Each pearls streaked with silvery white downy buds. It is weighty and solid.
Color of dry leaf
Leaf is a little bit yellow(because the green tea leaves are waiting for jasmine flower to proceed scenting, which is around July-August), and covered with a white down.

This is referring to the shape and appearance. Good quality tea consist of pearls of a fairly even size which is tightly rolled, with similar color. At lower grade, the tea contains pearls of varying sizes and shapes, some are loosely rolled or unfolded, while some are tiny pearl. Besides, the color of pearls are mixed between pale green and dark grayish color.

Good quality Jasmine Pearl scarcely contain dried jasmine flower petals. When the petals' fragrance has been exhausted, the spent petals are removed from the final product, as the flowers are completely dried and contain no aroma. The petals simply add visual appeal, and the quantity of flower is No indication of the quality of the tea. Few petals may remain; it is unavoidable. It is recommended to remove before brewing. The exhausted flower is not in white color but yellowish brown color, gives an unattractive appearance when it swell and expand in hot water when brewed, and also it may gives unpleasant smell to the tea. In addition, the dried flower indicating the quality of flower used: good quality is in white color, clean and bright, whereas flower of poorer quality is always in yellowish brown color with dark and dull appearance. Besides, the well-made tea must be free from extraneous matter such as fiber, bamboo or wooden flakes, sand or stone and dust. It also should not contain other tea plant derived object, such as seed or flakes.
Dry leaf gives a fresh, sharp and intense jasmine fragrance which is like a pure and natural bouquet. The jasmine tea of poor quality is lacking in freshness, flowery fragrance, while giving moldiness smell of jasmine flower. It is due to the improper processing whereby the temperature during scenting is not controlled and scented flower is not separated at once. When brewed, the liquor gives the same aromatic profile. For good quality flowers, the jasmine fragrance will last up to 3 brewings while its pleasing scent still remains in the brewed leaf. As for poorer quality flowers, the jasmine fragrance is hardly retained after the first brewing.
Color of liquor
When brewed, the Jasmine Pearl produces liquor with clear, luster and bright amber color. If the tea is of poor quality, the color is yellowish brown color, dull or in dark brown color.
Smooth with a refreshing note, thick, and mellow taste is lingering on tongue and mouth, and giving sweet after taste. It is different from the commercial versions of this famous tea which is often giving harsh astringency and roughness; sometimes it gives thin and flat taste. A good quality Jasmine Pearl tea gives a lingering taste up to 3 brewing.

Mo Li Long Zhu(Dragon Pearl)

Brewed leaf
The brewed leaves show a yellowish green color, delicate and bright in appearance. The color and length of bud and leaf is consistent and even. When the pearl unfurl, the long bud with leaf is clearly seen in the water. The bud is fleshy with robust and thick leaf. When touched with finger, the bud and leaf are thick, but soft and elastic. If the tea is of poor quality, leaf is a mixture of greenish brown or yellowish brown with dull appearance. Besides, red/brownish color may be seen on leaf indicating poor handling during process and leaf was damaged. When touched, the leaf is very thin, coarse and stiff, and may contain bud/leaf of varying sizes. Good quality tea should not contain much insect bitten leaf.

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