The Handmade Pu-erh Tea Balls

This Spring, ESGREEN has been cooperating with Meng Hai Tong Qing tea factory and release this fire-new Pu-erh tea ball series.


These tea balls are handmade of high quality raw materials that originally harvest from different tea mountains.
Such as Jing Mai, Bu Lang, Yi Wu and so on. Some of the raw materials are pick up from ancient tea trees that over 100 years old.
And only the first batch of the Spring leaves, a bud with a leaf have been chosen. So, each tea ball has its own charactor.


Jing Mai tea has a special orchid fragrance, Bing Dao tea has the fat and rubber like leaves,
the cooked(or ripe) Bu Lang tea is mellow and sweet, the Nuo Mi Xiang tea has a special aroma likes the steamed rice. It gives you a warm, and peaceful feeling.

Why we choose tea ball instead of tea cake or loose leaf this time?

Unlike the larger tea cakes, you do not need to break up the tea cake before brewing. So it is more convenient for steeping. Also, it won't break the tea leaves.
Each tea ball contains about 8gram tea leaves, just the right amount for one brewing. And you don't have to struggle with loose leaf amount to use.
Meanwhile, the tea ball is perfect in size that fits all tea makers well-Gaiwans, teapots, tea makers,etc.


Also, compares with machine made mini tea cakes, this handmade tea ball retains the most out of the initial form of the raw material. It is not over compressed so it is easy to be infused.

Now,let's take this Bing Dao tea ball as an expamle and shortly introduce how to brew it with a Gaiwan.

First, heat the water to the boiling point.
Palce the tea ball into the vessle, quickly rinse it twice. We could consider this process as cleaning and unfolding the tea ball.

For raw(uncooked) pu-erh, I personally advise to make the first 2~3 infusions quick. About 30 sec. You could get more brewing times this way.

Meanwhile, it is an interesting experience to taste and gradually feel the difference between each infusions.

If you prefer a stronger flavor and fragrance, then simply extend the steeping time.

The tea liquor is bright, light yellow in color, clear and pure. It tastes a little strong and bitter on the first sip(this is quite typical for the raw pu-erh tea), then comes with a sweet aftertaste.

The infused leaves are fully unfolded. long, rubber like with good flexibility. light yellowish green color. The lively brewed leaves marks the high quality of the raw material.

Now there are 9 difference varieties of the tea balls are available for sale in our store. More rare varieties are coming soon.

There will be some tea balls that made of precious and rare raw materials that harvest from 800 years old ancient tea trees that grown in high altitude mountains over 2000 meters.

Stay toned!

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