Yellow Tea Manufacturing and Processing

The tea leaves are harvested much like leaves destined to become green tea.

Kill Green

The leaves are fried, as most green teas. The leaves are initially pan-fried in large woks to about 40 percent dryness, after which they are roasted to approximately 70 percent dryness.

Men-huang, the smothering process or fermentation

After frying while the tea leaves are still hot, they are wrapped (thick paper for buds,cloth for leaves),stored in wooden(or bamboo) box and allowed to ferment (or oxidize) for days.

Another fermentation method is: During the fermentation, the leaves are fried over and again then re-wrapped to cool and oxidize slightly. This process repeats every several hours and  continues up to three to seven days depends on the different experience of the tea master.

Finally, the tea leaves are slowly roasted until it is 95 percent dry at the finish.

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