Zi Ya(Purple Sprout)-Handmade Pu-erh Tea Ball-Uncooked/Raw

Zi Ya(Purple Sprout)-Handmade Pu-erh Tea Ball-Uncooked/Raw


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Unique, mellow, and rich Review by Theo
This tea is quite different from the other zi ya sheng pu'er I have tried from other regions. It's not sharp or bitter at all. It has a honey-like fragrance and an unusual flavor that reminds me of well-done steak, as strange as that sounds. The leaves are entirely intact and maintain their purple color even after being steeped, which isn't the case for purple teas from the De Hong region of western Yunnan. Very mellow and deep in flavor. Good cha qi, as well. The steak flavor is not to my liking, but some may find it enjoyable. (Posted on 11/17/2015)

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