Black Tea

Black tea, created in the early 17th century (some believe that it was the 19th century), originated from today's Tongmuguang, Wuyishan City, Fujian. It is also called Souchong Black Tea, which is the first black tea in the world.
Black tea is characterized by red liquid and red leaves.
The rough process technology of black tea is: plucking fresh leaves → sun withering → twisting or cutting → fermenting → drying.

Black tea is classified into black stripe tea and black broken tea. Black stripe tea production requires full fermentation. The flavor is mellow and sweet. It is compressed by two rollers at different speeds, cut and rolled. The fermentation degree is light. The polyphenol content in the tea is high. The taste is strong and fresh. In general, black stripe tea is suitable for drinking without seasonings while red broken tea is more suitable for drinking with other additives.

Black stripe tea is classified into Gong Fu(Kongfu) and (Xiao Zhong)Souchong black tea. The famous Souchong include: Jin Jun Mei, Zhong Shan Xiao Zhong(Lapsang souchong), famous Kongfu black tea include: Keemun, Dian Hong Gold Buds, etc.


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  1. Jiu Qu Hong Mei(Twisting Red Plum)-#1

    Starting at $3.25
    This tea is featured by its tight fishhook like leaves with luster black color and brewed in bright reddish infusion releasing freshing aroma, look like red plum in the water, smooth aftertaste lingered. Learn More
  2. Qi Hong(Keemun)-Needle Style-#1

    Starting at $4.25
    The keemun tea leaf is slender and fine, giving the sugary flavor with scent of sweet flowery note, with thick and mellow taste. These distinctive cup characteristics have gained much attention in the international tea profession. Learn More
  3. Dian Hong-Yun Nan Black Tea-Needle Style Gold Buds-#1

    Starting at $4.75
    High grade Yunnan black tea, needle shape covered with gold fuzz. Learn More
  4. Dian Hong-Yunnan Black Tea-Bundled Tea Cone-Gold Pagoda

    Starting at $5.50
    Each tea cone is a bundle of around 3 gram tea leaf. Totally 20pcs tea cones for a 50g pack. For 100g pack you will get extra 10pcs which is 50pcs totally. Learn More
  5. Qi Hong(Keemun)-Curly Style-#1

    Starting at $5.75
    Keemun is a historical reputed black tea in China. It was made in year 1875 at Keemun County (Qi-men Xian) at Anhui Province (An-hui Sheng). Learn More
  6. Dian Hong-Yun Nan Black Tea-Gold Buds-#1

    Starting at $6.00
    High grade Yunnan black tea made of fat solid buds covered with gold fuzz. Learn More
  7. Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong(Lapsang Souchong)-#2

    Starting at $6.25
    The broad open leaves of this tea are roasted and dried by the heat an earthen oven wood burning fire. Learn More
  8. Hang Hong-Hang Zhou Black Tea-#1

    Starting at $6.75
    Hang Hong is a new black tea member from Zhe Jiang province. The unique garden environment and weather made it's aroma and taste really special. Learn More

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