Yunnan Pu-erh Tea

Pu-erh Tea

The representative of Yunnan dark tea is Pu-erh tea cake. It is produced after a long period of artificial fermentation (in piles with controlled temperature and humidity) of loose Yunnan green tea (Yunnan sun-baked green crude tea). It is usually made into compressed tea, such as the Qizibing (Seven Cakes) tea, brick tea, bowl tea, etc.

Pu-erh tea cake, very popular in the tea market today, is a representative of dark tea—one of the six basic types of tea. It is also the favorite among the types of dark tea. Growing in a pure environment, it is effective in improving digestion and controlling cholesterol and blood pressure. This has increased its function to meet the spiritual and physical need of the modern generation.

Loose leaf Pu-erh tea has more than one tea types, but normally is classified into raw tea and ripened tea according to the processing technique.

Raw Pu-erh tea-Uncooked Pu-erh

Green Maocha made from the large-leaf variety, is in either loose form or compressed form of different shapes. Loose leaf of Pu-erh tea can be considered as a vital raw component of Pu-erh tea cake.

Ripened Pu-erh Tea – Cooked Pu-erh

The raw tea stored and fermented naturally can be stored for more than 15 years. Pu-erh tea, after fermentation according to the traditional process, becomes milder. In the 1970s, the artificial pile fermentation technique was introduced, enabling Pu-erh tea reach the desired quality in a short time. This kind of Pu-erh is called "Shu/Shou Pu-erh" literally ripe pu-erh tea or cooked pu-erh, i.e. Pu-erh with artificial fermentation, or Pu-erh with modern processing. With this process accompanied by being aged in clean and dry warehouse for several month (sometimes for years), the tea could then be distributed in the market. The high-quality ripe loose leaf of pu-erh tea is maroon or dark brown in color. The liquid is dark red, clear and tastes mellow, smooth and sweet, without any musty odor.

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  1. 357g-Ripe/Cooked Pu-erh Tea Cake-JingMai Ancient Tea Trees

    The raw material of this 357g Jingmai tea cakewas pick by early March of 2013 and has been stored and aged in the warehouse since then. In 2015, we choose the 2nd~3rd grade raw material and mixed in 30% 5 years aged court grade buds to make this ripe/cooked tea cake. We also consulted experienced senior tea maker from Menghai tea factory and made full reference to the classic Menghai ripe pu-erh tea recipe to live up to this precious raw material from the original growing area. Learn More
  2. 357g-Raw/Uncooked Pu-erh Tea Cake-JingMai Ancient Tea Trees

    The raw material of this 357g Jingmai tea cake is sourced from Jingmai Ancient Tea Growing Area.The average age of the ancient wild tea trees in this area is more than 80 years. The raw material was pick by early March of 2013 and has been stored and aged over 3 years, so the astringency character of the raw pu-erh has been softened.
    In 2015, we made this precious raw material into this tea cake. It will provide a full-bodied, mellow flavor after a longer storage. Well suited for raw pu-erh lovers. Learn More
  3. Ju Pu-Tangerine Pu-erh 8683-Ripe/Cooked

    8683 Recipe Pu-erh + Standard Tangerine Peel. 25~30g per piece, 16pcs, about 500g totally. Each tangerine holds about 20g Pu-erh tea. Learn More
  4. 10 Years Aged Pomelo Pu-erh-You Zi Cha

    Aged Pomelo Pu-erh is a special Pu-erh tea packed in a dried pomelo fruit skin. Pomelo is a type of citrus which dried skins are commonly use in china as medicine for fighting of a cold, sore throat or improves digestion. Learn More

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4 Item(s)