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Modern teawares are of pottery, porcelain, glass, bamboo, wood, calabash, metal, jade and various composite materials. Tea ware classified according to functions include the water boiler, primary tea brewing ware and auxiliary tea brewing ware. Classified according to form they are the single tea wares and the combined tea wares-tea sets.


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  1. Bamboo Sifter/Sieve and Tea Holder for 375g Pu-erh Cake-2 in 1

    This basket is very useful for pu-erh tea lovers.It could used as a sifter to filter the pu-erh tea leaves. And it could be a tea tray to place 1-2 pieces of 375g pu-erh tea cakes. Hand-made from 100% natural, sustainably harvested bamboo, no paint, no strange smell. Learn More
  2. White Porcelain Teapot Warmer-Candle Holder-Kaki-2 Sizes Available

    Starting at $5.00
    This white porcelain teapot warmer is made of high-quality kaolin clay. The surface is smooth, exquisite in milk white color. Elegant yet easy to be cleaned. Support tea candle or alcohol lamp(burner).
    Small-Dia-top: 100mm * Height: 65mm;
    Large-Dia-top: 115mm * Height: 75mm; Learn More
  3. Blue and White Porcelain Vase-Likes Lotus Saying

    Blue and white porcelain vase with hand-drawing lotus pond. In China, lotus represents fair-mind, elegant and peace. Learn More

    Out of stock

  4. Bamboo Root Vessel-Organizer-Tea Holder-Whale-3 Sizes Optional

    Starting at $18.00
    Bamboo Root Vessel, Organizer. Useful to collect tea accessories or snacks.All hand-made from 100% natural, sustainably harvested bamboo, no paint. Safety, Health and Environment Friendly. Learn More
  5. Bamboo Steamer with Cover

    This steamer has over 20 different sizes, please contact us if you need other sizes.
    Learn More
  6. Solid Wood Kungfu Tea Cup Holder-2 Colors Available

    This cup holder is made of natural wood. 2 colors available. Learn More
  7. Brass Lid Holder-Ebony Handle-Grapple

    Brass lid holder. The handle is made of ebony wood. Learn More
  8. Bamboo Cup Holder-Harp-Double Deck

    This cup holder is made of original natural bamboo. Safety, Health and Environment Friendly.Easy to assembly and storage. Learn More
  9. Colorful Plastic Sealing Clip-11CM-6PCS

    BlueX2; GreenX2; Rose PinkX2; totally 6pcs/bag. Food grade Plastic. Streamlined design, 11CM length. Seal groove+simple lock catch. Learn More
  10. Cast Iron Silver Plating Lid Holder-Ebony Handle-Dragon

    This silver plating lid holder is design as a dragon head. The handle is made of ebony wood. Learn More
  11. Bamboo Miscellany Shelf-Bridge

    This bridge shape shelf is useful to collect tea accessories and place pu-erh tea cakes.It's collapsible and very easy to store. Learn More
  12. Talent Fareast ® Unscented Tealight Candles Set of 100pcs-14g/pc-4 hours burn time

    Starting at $9.00
    Size: Diameter 38mm; Height: 15mm Net Weight: 14g/pc Long clean 4±0.5 Hour Burn Time TÜV Certified; Lead and Benzene Free Burns with a strong steady flame, smokeless 100% Cotton Wick, Poured Paraffin Refined Wax Aluminum Candle Holder Fits Perfectly with Tealight Holders/ Warmers Learn More
  13. Blue and White Porcelain Incense Burner-Ancient Style Lotus

    Blue and white porcelain Incense Burner with fine, smooth and exquisite hand-drawing pattern of lotus. In China, lotus represents fair-mind, elegant and peace. The painting skill is ancient style, very classic. Learn More

    Out of stock

  14. Glass Teapot Warmer-Candle Holder-Love-3 Sizes Available

    Starting at $6.00
    Beautiful heart shape glass pot warmer, candle holder. Now 3 different sizes available. Support from teacups, serving pitchers to 500ml~1000ml teapots.
    Small-Diameter: 90mm * Height: 50mm;
    Medium-Diameter: 120mm * Height: 45mm;
    Large-Diameter: 135mm * Height: 55mm Learn More
  15. Bamboo-strip Mat-Original Color-Various Sizes Available

    Starting at $4.00
    Bamboo-strip mat. Useful to decorate table, tea tray and hold Gongfu tea ceremony accessories. Various sizes available. Learn More
  16. Blue and White Porcelain Vase-Farmhouse in High Mountain

    Blue and white porcelain vase with hand-drawing landscape. A magnificent view of spacious valley, farmhouse in high mountain. Learn More

    Out of stock

  17. White Porcelain Teaspoon-2 Sizes Available

    Starting at $0.80
    2 sizes available white porcelain teaspoon. Made of bone china. Small: Length-12.5CM; Width-2.5CM Large: Length-17CM; Width-2.5CM Learn More
  18. Tea Bag Buddy-All-purpose Silicone Cup Lid and Tea Bag Holder

    Starting at $4.50
    Keep your tea hot, squeezes and holds tea bag. 100% food grade Silicone. Dye-free. 3 colors available: white, red, green. Learn More

    Out of stock

  19. PLA Corn Fiber Empty Mesh Bags/Pouches-Folded Shut-100PCS

    Starting at $3.80
    100pcs/pack. Various sizes available. The tea bags are sealed with ultrasound with reserved opening that could be folded shut manually. Food grade,environmentally safe and non-toxic. Unbleached and no fluorescer. Biodegradable and compostable. Learn More

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Items 1 to 20 of 24 total

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