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Bai Hao Yin Zhen(Fuzzy Silver Needle)-#2

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Bai Hao Yin Zhen(Fuzzy Silver Needle)-#2


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Silver Needle is one of the rarest and most spectacular teas. The production of this tea merely makes up not even 0.1% of the tea produced in China.
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Silver Needle is one of the rarest and most spectacular teas.The production of this tea merely makes up not even 0.1% of the tea produced in China.

This needle shaped white tea is mainly produced in Fujian, China, which is famous for the outstanding quality of their white tea. The reason for the name, “Silver Needles”, is quite apparent as with one glance at the buds; the prominence of the delicate white hairs on the buds is quite striking. During early Spring, each bud is carefully plucked from the Da-bai cultivar (Da-bai cha-shu). White teas differed from green teas in that their processing does not incorporate any steaming or pan-firing.

To produce Silver Needle, the tea has to undergo the long-hour withering which causes the non-enzymatic oxidation that gives the unique characteristics of white tea.The withered buds are then dried on smoldering fire (Wen-huo).One of the unique processing steps is this tea is packed right after drying while the tea is still warm.This is vital to preserve its needle shape; if it is cooled down, the tea is susceptible to breakage while packing.

When brewed in hot water, the buds point upwards, and while remaining in the upright position,the water-absorbed buds gradually sink downward to the bottom of glass, which looks like stalactite.


Health Benefits


While Chinese tea drinkers have been hip to white tea's benefits since the Ming Dynasty, until recently it was virtually unknown outside of Asia. Not anymore. Today, everyone from chefs to medical researchers is praising white tea's delicate flavor and purported health benefits. Market researchers predict consumers will soon share their enthusiasm, turning white tea into one of the hottest new food trends.

White teas are unfermented teas made from very young tea leaves or buds that are steamed immediately after harvest to inactivate polyphenol oxidase and then dried. Consequently, white teas usually contain higher concentrations of catechins than other teas.



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Chinese Name 白毫银针(bái háo yín zhēn)
Other Names White Pekoe Silver Needle, Silver Needle, Yin Zhen, Bai Hao Yinzhen,Silvery Tip Pekoe
Grade Nonpareil
Shape Needle
Growing Area Fuding, Fujian Provience,China
Harvest Period March 20th-April 20th, Yu Qian(Pre-Gu Yu)
Processing Technique Withering(Deactivation)→Desiccation(Baking or Sun Drying)
Appearance Contains fleshy buds in straight needle-shapes, covered with a silvery white downy. The brewed buds show delicate, bright and even yellowish green color. When touched with the finger, the buds are thick but soft and elastic.
Aroma Light, akin to freshly bloomed flowers.
Liquor Bright, clear, with very light almond-like yellowish color.
Tasting Notes Mellow, smooth and without astringency. It gives a fresh green note with a mild sweet after taste lingering on the tongue.
Teaware Glass Pot, Glass(Tumbler), Porcelain Cup
Water Temperature 85℃(185℉)~90℃(194℉)
Steeping Instructions Middle Steeping:Warm the teapot(cup,glass)→Add tea leaves→Moisturize the leaves with hot water→Add water to 70% full→Enjoy after the tea leaves sinking.
Storage Seal tightly, store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and odour.
Country of Manufacture China
Price $9.50
Packing & Weight 50g~500g/bag. Default packing with aluminium coated kraft paper bag.


  1. should steep it shorter Review by Randall Eriksson

    We got this tea as a free sample, but it was little bitter for my taste. I'm not quite familiar with "yellow" tea. Should try a Kongfu tea steeping method next time. (Posted on 1/26/2016)

  2. Review by Mabel Miller

    Not a huge fan of the typical green tea, but this one is nice, not too overpowering. The extra process give this tea a seceond life. (Posted on 1/20/2016)

  3. Review by Keith Miller

    I'm not much of a green tea drinker, but this one isn't too grassy and bitter. Nice! (Posted on 1/14/2015)

  4. Review by Moreau

    This tea is awesome! I didn't really know what to expect at first but it is delicious. I would definitely buy it again. (Posted on 1/8/2014)

  5. Review by Benjamin Brown

    I wouldn't make this my everyday tea, but it's an interesting experience. (Posted on 1/2/2013)

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