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Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong(Lapsang Souchong)-#2

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Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong(Lapsang Souchong)-#2


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The broad open leaves of this tea are roasted and dried by the heat an earthen oven wood burning fire.

Packing in aluminium coated kraft paper bags.

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The original Tongmuguan Zhengshan Xiaozhong-Lapsang Souchong produced from today’s Tongmuguan, Wuyishan City, Fujian Provience of China.
It is also called Souchong Black Tea, which is the first black tea in the world.

Feature: The broad open leaves are roasted and dried by the heat an earthen oven wood burning fire.



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Chinese Name 正山小种(zhèng shān xiǎo zhǒng)
Other Names Souchong Black Tea, Wuyi BOHEA
Grade Premium
Shape Twist
Growing Area Tong Mu Guan Area, Wuyishan City, Fujian Province, China.
Harvest Period April 5th-20th, Yu Qian(Pre-Gu Yu)
Processing Technique Fully-fermenting Tea, Kill Green(Deactivation)→Rolling→Fermenting→Desiccation(Baking)
Appearance Tea leaves of lapsang souchong are twisted and have a rich, dark color. sometimes the leaves may have a golden tip.
Aroma Lapsang souchong's flavour is strong and smoky.
Liquor Golden-coppery color.
Tasting Notes A taste of dried longan, sweet, refreshing smoky flavor, crisp and edgy.
Teaware Gaiwan(Covered Bowl), Gong Fu Tea-set, Piao Yi Tea Maker, Porcelain Cup, Porcelain Pot, Zi Sha(Purple Clay Pot)
Water Temperature 95℃(203℉)+
Steeping Instructions Warm the teapot(cup,glass)→Add tea leaves→Moisturize the leaves with hot water then pour out the liquid immediately→Add hot water and steep for less than 30 secs for the first 4 infusions. Enjoy.
Storage Seal tightly, store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and odour.
Country of Manufacture China
Price $6.25
Packing & Weight 50g~500g/bag. Default packing with aluminium coated kraft paper bag.


  1. nice tea! Review by Teafairy

    This lapsang souchong had very complete dry leaves---dark and sleek, very impressive. It gave off a special sour fruitiness. The liquid is smooth and sweet.
    A quality tea at a fair price. (Posted on 4/30/2013)

  2. perfect Review by Daisy

    I like this Lapsang Souchong! I have to say ESGREEN guys really have a good taste selecting tea.
    This Lapsang Souchong has been marked as #2 but it's easily the best souchong black I ever had so far.
    It had the classic smoky flavor, but not deliberately pursued. I have a feeling that the tea makers were trying to emphasize other features a fine Souchong should have, which is fruity and honey sweet!
    It will be boring if you only got the smoky, wood burning flavor out of a black tea. And that's why I like this one so much-it was sweet, fruity, floral with just a touch of the classic smoky notes. Perfect!

    I will definitely try it again once my new gong fu teapot arrived.

    Exciting! (Posted on 2/28/2013)

  3. Стоит покупать. Review by Сергей

    Чай Лапсанг Сушонг вкусно. Цена очень разумная. (Posted on 5/31/2012)

  4. nice lapsang Review by Erica W

    Not as smokey as some lapsangs that I have had. It is indeed fairly tasty and goes to show that the smokiness doesn't have to be the main attraction.
    (Posted on 3/29/2012)

  5. good Review by Dora

    Thick, smoky, delicious. Such a fine black. (Posted on 1/27/2012)

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