Zi Sha-Purple Clay Tea Pot-200ML-Carp Leaping over the Dragon Gate

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Zi Sha-Purple Clay Tea Pot-200ML-Carp Leaping over the Dragon Gate

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SKU: TAO-ZI-P-32-027

The spout of the pot is carved as a carp and the handle is carved as a dragon.

About 'Yu Hua Long'-Fish Turned to Dragon:

The Chinese dragon (Long) was a divine bringer of rain, necessary for the good of the people. Throughout Chinese history the dragon has been equated with weather. It is said that some of the worst floodings were caused when a mortal has upset a dragon. The dragon was also a symbol of the emperor whose wisdom and divine power assured the well-being of his subjects. Many legends draw connections between the dragon and the emperor. Some emperors claimed to have descended from the dragon.

A popular saying, "The carp has leaped through the dragon's gate and became a dragon" So this "Fish turned to dragon" pattern stands for success and lucky.

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Additional Information

SKU TAO-ZI-P-32-027
Dimension Length: 130mm Height: 80mm
Net Weight 200g
Capacity 200ml
Material Pottery Clay/Tao, Purple Clay/Zi Sha, Purple Clay
Manufacturing Technique Hand-carved, Hand-made, Hand-moulded
Country of Manufacture China
Wholesale Notice N/A
Price $115.00


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