Ru Kiln Serving Pitcher-Best Wishes-Sky Cyan

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Ru Kiln Serving Pitcher-Best Wishes-Sky Cyan

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SKU: CI-RU-37-001

Beautiful sky cyan color Ru Kiln serving pitcher. Lead-free, eco-friendly material.
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1.Lead-free, eco-friendly
2.Low water absorption, temperature extremes
3. 1300 degree high temperature Firing,High wear resistance, Long lifetime, NEVER FADE glaze

Ru Kiln, one called "Head of All Kilns on the Earth" in Chinese porcelain history as one of the five famous kilns ("Ru, Guan, Jun, Ge & Ding Kilns") in Song Dynasty, gets the name of "Ru" Since it is located in Ruzhou. This kiln was specially picked out to produce porcelain for the court in Song Dynasty, so its products were called "RU Palace Porcelain" i.e. "Ru Porcelain" put simply. Whose soft quantity, delicate workmanship, unique color and colorful penetrations give you delightful enjoyment and pleasure, Quite often resulting in such characteristic effects of "Blue like the sky, gentle like the gem, fine like cicada' s wings, shining like the stars and smooth like the glaze".

Color---cyan like sky, surface like jade
Ru Kiln porcelain uses carnelian into glaze, which has beautiful quality, graceful, clean and simple with soft color full of water sense. For the light glaze color, it is like broad sky which is called “sky cyan” : for the dark glaze color , it is like the sunshine after rain, which is called “pink cyan” : for the white glaze color, it is like shinning star which is call “moon white”.

Crackle---silk like chaeto, quality like gold
Since the separation of glaze materials (carnelian crystal), the ware surface appears beautiful small crackle like scale, the pearl shape crystal is around the bubble, just like morning stars, it is very unique.

Textural Quality---smooth like skin, feel like fat
Ru Kiln porcelain is soft and smooth, feel like Chi with transparent and fruit juice. When being watched, it is like the green of mountain full of trees, having the beautiful of jade.
The host Ru Kiln is ancient, simple and elegant, with average smooth sense, taking the excellent technique of Ru Kiln and soul of changing of glaze color, which continues the great reputation of No.1 porcelain.


Additional Information

SKU CI-RU-37-001
Dimension Width(Include Handle): 120mm Height: 68mm
Net Weight 200g
Capacity 180ml
Material Porcelain,Chinaware, Ru Kiln
Manufacturing Technique Hand-moulded
Country of Manufacture China
Wholesale Notice No
Price $16.00


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