Taiwan Oolong

In the large Oolong tea-planting area, the land, temperature, etc., are all conducive to the growth of tea trees. Therefore, tea is produced everywhere in Taiwan. Taiwan Oolong (referring to the final product, different from “Oolong” referring to half-fermented tea) is the earliest tea in Taiwan, with Taiwan Oolong Tea and Taiwan Baozhong being well-known. Taiwan Oolong is the most deeply fermented Oolong tea, closest to black tea.
The white-haired leaves are short and thick, red, yellow and white in color. The tea liquid is orange-red. The brewed leaves are unbroken. In the international tea market, the Baihao (white-haired) Oolong tea from Taiwan is known as Champagne Oolong or “Eastern Beauty.” Taiwan Baozhong is the most lightly fermented Oolong, produced only in Taiwan. It includes the bar-shaped Wenshan Baozhong and hemispherical Dongding Oolong.


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