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  • Brief Introduction of PLA Corn Fiber Empty Mesh Bags/Pouches-Folded Shut

    Our corn fiber bags(pouches) are made from cornstarch, which has been transfered into resin then shaped into a mesh form. The tea bags are sealed with ultrasound with reserved opening that could be folded shut manually. It is convinient for you to make your own tea sachets-blended with your own...
  • The 24 solar terms in China

    立春/lìchūn--- the Beginning of Spring/start of spring 雨水/yǔshuǐ--- Rain Water 驚蟄 (惊蛰)/jīngzhé--- the Waking of Insects/awakening of insects 春分/chūnfēn--- the Spring Equinox/vernal equinox 清明/qīngmíng--- Pure Brightness/clear and bright 谷雨穀雨 (谷雨)/gǔyǔ--- Grain Rain 立夏/lìxià--- the Beginning of Summer 小滿 (小满)/xiǎomǎn--- Grain Full 芒種 (芒种)/mángzhòng--- Grain in Ear 夏至/xiàzhì--- the Summer Solstice...
  • History of tea in china

    Chinese people are believed to have enjoyed tea drinking for more than 4,000 years. In Zhou Dynasty, tea was used as an herbal medicine. During the Western Zhou Dynasty, it was a religious offering. And during the Spring and Autumn Period, people ate fresh tea leaves as vegetables. With the...
  • Tea egg

    Tea egg is a typical Chinese savory food commonly sold as a snack, in which a pre-boiled egg is cracked and then boiled again in tea, sauce and/or spices. It is also known as marble egg because cracks in the egg shell create darkened lines with marble-like patterns. Commonly sold...
  • How to Store Herbal and Dry Flowers

    Once a bag of herbals or flowers is opened, The herbals could be kept in ambient and dry conditions such as in the living room, the study or the office, but it must be completely away from light, moisture, smell and heat. An airtight container or a vacuum tank is an ideal storage solution.

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