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Buy traditional loose leaf green tea, white tea, yellow tea, jasmine tea, black tea, oolong tea, dark tea, pu-erh from China. Origin supplying from local tea gardens. Hand-picked, traditional production processed and the freshest of the season.


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  1. Liu An Dark Tea Packing with Bamboo Basket-5 Years

    A traditional Liu An dark tea recipe. Very special and different from Guang Xi dark tea. This tea was wrapped tightly into a bamboo basket. 450~500g tea per basket. Two baskets are tied up together. Learn More
  2. 10 Years Aged Pomelo Pu-erh-You Zi Cha

    Aged Pomelo Pu-erh is a special Pu-erh tea packed in a dried pomelo fruit skin. Pomelo is a type of citrus which dried skins are commonly use in china as medicine for fighting of a cold, sore throat or improves digestion. Learn More
  3. Ju Pu-Tangerine Pu-erh 8690-Deep Flavor-Ripe/Cooked

    8690 Recipe Aged Pu-erh + First Class Aged Tangerine Peel. 25~30g per piece, 16pcs, about 500g totally. Each tangerine holds about 20g Pu-erh tea. Learn More
  4. Heng Xian Liu Bao Cha-Dark Tea Packing with Bamboo Basket-8 Years

    This dark tea is a classic recipe of Guangxi Liu Pao area and has been aged over 8 years.Totally 800~900g tea packed into a bamboo basket. Learn More
  5. Ju Pu-Tangerine Pu-erh 8683-Ripe/Cooked

    8683 Recipe Pu-erh + Standard Tangerine Peel. 25~30g per piece, 16pcs, about 500g totally. Each tangerine holds about 20g Pu-erh tea. Learn More
  6. One of the 4 Famous Bushes of Wu Yi Oolong-Tie Luo Han(Iron Arhat)-#1

    Starting at $12.00
    Tie Luo Han, all but unknown abroad, is the cultivar responsible for one of the four most famous yan cha. Learn More
  7. One of the 4 Famous Bushes of Wu Yi Oolong-Bai Ji Guan(White Cockscomb)-#1

    Starting at $27.50
    Bai Ji Guan tea bush is one of the 4 famous Wu Yi's tea bushes. Among all the Wu Yi teas, Bai Ji Guan is the rarest. Learn More
  8. Wild Da Hong Pao(High-mountain Wild Tea Bush Big Red Robe)-#1

    Starting at $12.00
    This tea plucked from an uncultivated tea garden reclaimed by former tea farmers. Special natural floral made it so popular on market. Learn More

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  9. King of Wu Yi Oolong Tea-Da Hong Pao(Big Red Robe)-#1


    Special Price $19.50

    Da Hong Pao is the king of the Famous Four Wuyi Tea in the Wu Yi Mountain of China. Learn More
  10. One of the 4 Famous Bushes of Wu Yi Oolong-Shui Jin Gui(Golden Turtle)-#1

    Starting at $10.95
    One of Wuyi top 4 tea, Shui Jin Gui, which means "Golden Turtle" is strong and rich tea with a very slight hint of fruity aroma. This Wu Yi oolong is named for the hunched-over shape of the tree it comes from. Learn More
  11. Aged Tie Guan Yin(Iron Goddess of Mercy)-Nonpareil

    Starting at $22.00
    This precious Tie Guan Yin aged since 2000~2002. 10 years vintage made it special and elegant. Limited and rare on the market. Learn More

    Out of stock

  12. Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea(Iron Goddess of Mercy)-#1

    Starting at $12.50
    This is the top level Tie Guan Yin. Plugged from high altitude tea treas and hand made by traditional method. Leaf vein and edge very obvious after steeping. Learn More
  13. Jun Shan Yin Zhen(Mt.Jun Silver Needle)-#1

    Starting at $16.00
    Junshan Yinzhen, the Yellow Tea, is the most exclusive tea among its group of tea. Learn More
  14. Bai Hao Yin Zhen(Fuzzy Silver Needle)-#1

    Starting at $10.50
    Silver Needle is one of the rarest and most spectacular teas. The production of this tea merely makes up not even 0.1% of the tea produced in China. Learn More

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  15. Nv Er Huan(Girl Ring)-#1 Guangxi Area

    Starting at $16.50
    Nv Er Huan(Girl Ring) jasmine scented tea, Scented for 4 times. Learn More

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  16. Meng Ding Huang Ya(Mt. Meng Yellow Buds)-Nonpareil

    Starting at $16.25
    The pale yellow infusion is complex and delicate with hints of floral, sweet and nutty. Learn More
  17. Jin Jun Mei(Golden Junmee) Souchong-#1

    Starting at $14.25
    This is a high quality Jin Jun Mei that handmade with raw tea buds harvest from 1200—1800 meters high mountain area. Learn More

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25 per page

17 Item(s)