The Process of Keemun

1. Wilting

Leaves are wilting after a period of time that water loss, certain of the hard and brittle stems YE Cheng wilting withers status of the process, the beginning of tea is the first system processes.
After Wilt, a proper water evaporation, soft leaves, enhanced toughness, ease of Form.
In addition, this process and to Jingcaomei disappear, tea fragrance For now, the formation of black tea aroma is an important stage of processing.
Wilt natural methods are wilting and withering Wilt two slot. Wilt natural tea will be shared in the thin indoor or outdoor sunlight is not strong, take a certain amount of time left.
Wilt trough wilting leaf is placed in ventilation shafts, with hot-air to accelerate the process of withering, it is now widely used method of wilting.

2. Rolling

The purpose of tea rolled with the same green tea, tea rolled in the process of forming color and flavor enhancing concentration, at the same time, because of the damaged cells to facilitate the role of the enzyme necessary oxidation, conducive to the smooth progress of fermentation.

3. Fermentation

Fermented black tea production is a unique stage, after fermentation, reddening of the green leaf color, a black and red leaves Zihong TANG quality characteristics.
Its mechanism is in the rolled leaves role, the organization received membrane structure damage, increased permeability, and polyphenols oxidase full access, under the enzymatic oxidation of a role, other chemical composition has also experiencing profound changes , a green tea-change, the formation of black tea scented color quality.
It is now generally used for fermentation time and temperature control of fermentation.
Fermentation appropriate, and leaves absorb the color red, old Yehong, Fengjing, grass gas disappeared, a fruit-ripening.

4. Drying

Drying is good fermented tea billet, high temperature baking, rapid evaporation moisture to dry durability of the process.
The aim is three-fold: the use of high-temperature rapid passive activity, and stop fermentation; moisture evaporation, smaller, fixed shape, and maintain stem degrees to prevent mildew; distributed most of the low boiling point grass smells, and intensified and retain high boiling point aromatic substances, access tea unique Tianxiang.

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