Characteristics of Wu Yi Oolong


The Rock Rhyme of Wu Yi Oolong

Wuyi tea is one of China's 10 famous teas. It belongs to a family of teas from northern Fujian Province called Mingbei Oolong.

The tea leaves in this family are long and curly rather than ball-shaped, and are more oxidized and roasted than their southern cousin Tieguanyin.

It has an unique taste called Rock Rhyme (Yanyun), so called because of the high mineral content of Wuyi Mountain.

In China, the unique flavor is often described as "crag bone floral fragrance".

The body is mellow with an outstanding orchid fragrance. The aftertaste is said to be long lasting and rock-like.

Yan Yun-  “Rock Rhyme” – The signature character of Wu Yi rock oolong. A combination of not only a tea’s flavor but its fragrance, color, and quality of liquor. This characteristic is a product of the special environment and mineral soil of Wu Yi Shan. The fundamental understanding of a Rock oolong tea’s quality is the degree to which it exhibits “Yan Yun.” The qualities of Yan Yun are further rarefied into five terms:

* Huo 活 - “activity, vibrancy.”

* Gan 甘 - “sweetness” – Emerging in the back of your throat and sides of your mouth, esp. a sweet aftertaste.

* Qing 清 - “purity” - Clean clear translucent liquor.

* Xiang 香 - Fragrance. Gentle, muted, arrives slowly, not sharp, deep. Not overwhelming, not mawkish, or too perfumed.

* Yan Gu – “rock bones” -The tea has such depth of flavor it’s like you’re eating some kind of meat.

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