How to Steep Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea?

1. Use soft water for preparation of tea. It is suitable to effectively extract most of the substances from tea leaf.
Hard water is not suitable because it suppress extraction of substances from leaf, subsequently, the taste become very flat and thin.
Make sure do not use RO Water and Distilled Water that makes taste of tea very flat or bitter.

2. Use fresh water which has not boiled before. Bring the cold water to boil just before serving tea.
This is to evaporate some unnecessary substances such as chlorine from the water.

3. Beforehand, it is important to warm the tea pot or glass well by rinsing it out with boiled water.
This should be done just before adding the tea leaves, so that leaves benefit from a gentle humid heat. It is important to maintain the water temperature when brewing for efficacious extraction of substances from leaf.

4. Prepare 3 g-1 tea spoon of tea leaves for 150ml of water.

5. Place the tea leaves into the warmed tea pot or glass.
Gently pour in hot water at 80-85 degree C. Please pour very gently so as not to damage tea leaves.

6. Ideal brewing time is for less than 1 min. However it requires more time if you brew by long glass or mug cup.

7. With same temperature of hot water, you can brew tea 4-5 times.
At last, use boiling temperature so as to extract the remaining taste and flavor.

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