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This tiny rose buds harvest from Pingyin area of Shandong province. Which is a famous rose growing area in China. The rose buds are carefully selected and dried. Even, neat and tidy. The beautiful pink color and the high rose fragrance has been well kept after drying. Ideal to to served as herbal tea or blend with black tea.

Packing in aluminium coated kraft paper bags.

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This Herbal tea is made from real rose buds, plucked when they are young and then dried. It has a natural rosy taste and aroma, making it a lovely and highly enjoyable beverage. The essential oils in Rosebud Tea can help to improve circulation and is good for the heart. Rose Tea is known for its soothing sensation on mind and soul. It also helps you to relax at any time of the day. Rose Tea contains vitamins A, B3, C, D, and E and has been shown to be good for infections, particularly bladder infections. Besides this, it has been shown to be an excellent source of Vitamin C, even more powerful than oranges!

Rosebuds tea was edible and tasted very sweet. The tea soup is smooth and fulfill with a flowery aroma, a light sweet taste even in a pale brew. Meanwhile, this tea can be better appreciated if blended with black tea. If you have a sweet tooth, honey and milk are the best match of the rosebuds. The honey sweetness adhere with the rose aroma, and make the rosy taste last for a longer time. The rose fragrance will keep you rejuvenated and fresh whole day.



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Chinese Name 平阴玫瑰(píng yīn méi guī)
Other Names Rosa rugosa, Rose, PingYin Rose
Teaware Glass Pot, Glass(Tumbler), Piao Yi Tea Maker
Water Temperature 80℃(176℉)~85℃(185℉)
Steeping Instructions Place herbals into the glass pot→Add hot water→Steep for 3-5 minutes(A candle warmer could be used to achieve better results)
Storage Seal tightly, store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and odour.
Country of Manufacture China
Price $2.60
Packing & Weight 50g~500g/bag. Default packing with aluminium coated kraft paper bag.


  1. don't waste you money Review by Daniel

    chemical taste & horrible customer service (Posted on 11/4/2020)

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