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Buy traditional loose leaf green tea, white tea, yellow tea, jasmine tea, black tea, oolong tea, dark tea, pu-erh from China. Origin supplying from local tea gardens. Hand-picked, traditional production processed and the freshest of the season.


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  1. Yue Guang Bai-Moonlight White Tea-#1

    Starting at $3.50
    Top grade moonlight white tea from Jing Mai Mountain area. Learn More
  2. Huo Shan Huang Ya(Mt.Huo Yellow Buds)-#3

    Starting at $5.00
    #3 Huo Shan Huang Ya(Mt.Huo Yellow Buds). Learn More

    Out of stock

  3. Lu Shan Yun Wu(Mt.Lu Cloud and Mist)-Nonpareil

    Starting at $13.25
    One of China's traditionally famous teas, tender, slim, high fragrance. Learn More
  4. King of Wu Yi Oolong Tea-Da Hong Pao(Big Red Robe)-#1


    Special Price $19.50

    Da Hong Pao is the king of the Famous Four Wuyi Tea in the Wu Yi Mountain of China. Learn More
  5. Liu An Gua Pian-Melon Seed-#3

    Starting at $6.50
    #3 premium hand-made from authentic production area. Learn More

    Out of stock

  6. Da Bai Long(Big White Dragon)-Jasmine Downy Tip-#3

    Starting at $2.50
    Da Bai Long-Big White Dragon-Jasmine Downy Tip. Scented for 3 times. Learn More
  7. Bi Luo Chun(Jade Spiral Spring)-#1

    Starting at $12.50
    #1 tender, super slim Bi Luo Chun(Jade Spiral Spring). Full buds covered with obvious white downy fuzz . Learn More
  8. Liu An Gua Pian-Melon Seed-#1 Top Grade

    Starting at $17.50
    This is the Top Grade Gua Pian, picked from the original Bat Cave Area. Learn More
  9. Wild Tea Bush Bai Mu Dan(White Peony)-Organic White Tea-#2

    Starting at $9.50
    This is the #2 Organic Bai Mu Dan-White Peony white tea that plucked from wild tea bushes. No pesticides and fertilizers. Learn More
  10. Qi Hong(Keemun)-Needle Style-#1

    Starting at $4.25
    The keemun tea leaf is slender and fine, giving the sugary flavor with scent of sweet flowery note, with thick and mellow taste. These distinctive cup characteristics have gained much attention in the international tea profession. Learn More
  11. DaWuYe-Large Dark Leaf-Feng Huang Dan Cong(Phoenix Single Bush)-Ice Slice-Winter Tea-#1

    Starting at $6.65
    Da Wu Ye(Literally Large Dark Leaf) is a top level cultivar in Feng Huang Dan Cong oolong tea family. This Da Wu Ye DanCong is the winter tea known as "Ice Slice". It has high orchid fragrance, bold, rich flavor and strong sweet after taste. Learn More
  12. Soba Cha-Roasted Black(Bitter) Tartary Buckwheat Tea(Fagopyrum tataricum)

    Starting at $1.00
    Our Soba Cha-the Roasted Black(Bitter) Tartary Buckwheat Tea is made from the most nutritious seeds of tartary buckwheat plants that are grown at 3000 meters above sea level in the pollution free,alpine environment of DA LIANG Mountain area of Sichuan. Learn More
  13. Pu-erh Bai Ya(White Downy Buds)-#1

    Starting at $5.50
    #1 Top grade. Full buds that covered with white fuzz. Learn More
  14. MiLanXiang-Honey Orchid Aroma-Feng Huang Dan Cong(Phoenix Single Bush)-Spring Tea-#1

    Starting at $4.75
    "Mi Lan Xiang" literally honey orchid aroma is made from Dan Cong tea bushes that are famous for the "irises and orchids" fragrant with honey sweet taste. This Mi Lan Xiang Dan Cong is the most admired Dan Cong variety among the "Flower Aroma" Dan Cong Series. Learn More
  15. Wu Yuan Mao Jian(Wu Yuan Downy Tip)-#1

    Starting at $7.00
    This tea made from full buds before Qingming. Plucked from high mountain area. Learn More
  16. XuePian-Ice Slice Dan Cong(Phoenix Single Bush)-Winter Tea-#1

    Starting at $3.00
    XuePian-Ice Slide or Snow Slide is plucked in the final tea plucking season. Winter tea is featured with strong, obvious orchid fragrance and refreshing smooth taste. It will remind you a similar feel of Tie Guan Yin Oolong tea but is much stronger and durable during steeping. Learn More
  17. One of the 4 Famous Bushes of Wu Yi Oolong-Shui Jin Gui(Golden Turtle)-#1

    Starting at $10.95
    One of Wuyi top 4 tea, Shui Jin Gui, which means "Golden Turtle" is strong and rich tea with a very slight hint of fruity aroma. This Wu Yi oolong is named for the hunched-over shape of the tree it comes from. Learn More
  18. Bi Luo Chun(Jade Spiral Spring)-#5

    Starting at $3.25
    #5 tightly rolling Bi Luo Chun(Jade Spiral Spring). Fresh and green. Learn More
  19. Mo Li Yin Zhen(Jasmine Silver Needle)-Strong Flavour-#1

    Starting at $8.75
    Top Grade Mo Li Yin Zhen(Jasmine Silver Needle)-Scented for 6 times. Strong Flavor. Learn More

    Out of stock

  20. Xi Hu Long Jing(West Lake Dragon-well)-#1

    Starting at $6.95
    #1 Grade Xi Hu Long Jing(West Lake Dragon-well) Learn More
  21. Tai Mu Bai Hao Yin Zhen(Fuzzy Silver Needle)-Nonpareil

    Starting at $15.00
    This silver needle tea is the top grade white tea harvest from tea garden at high latitudes of Taimu Mountain. Learn More
  22. Taiping Houkui-Monkey King-Nie Jian #1

    Starting at $18.50
    This Hou Kui is a high grade tea grown in Taiping County. Purely handmade by tea masters. From plucking, sorting, tidying tea strips to baking. The tea is characterized by high fragrance in the first brew, strong taste in the second brew and light fragrance in the third and fourth brews. Learn More
  23. Jiu Qu Hong Mei(Twisting Red Plum)-#1

    Starting at $3.25
    This tea is featured by its tight fishhook like leaves with luster black color and brewed in bright reddish infusion releasing freshing aroma, look like red plum in the water, smooth aftertaste lingered. Learn More

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Items 1 to 25 of 160 total

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