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New Products

  • Lover's Face

    Glass Teapot with Strainer
    Heat-resistant glass, Bamboo Lid
    On Sale 60% off

    Glass Teapot with Strainer-Lover's Face

  • Lover's Face

    Double-wall glass cup set with bamboo cup serving tray.
    On Sale 60% off

    Double-wall Glass Cup Set with Bamboo Tray-Lover’s Face

  • Glass Tea Pot Set-Branch

    This tea set includes a glass teapot, four tea cups.
    Now On Sale 60% off.

    Glass Tea Pot Set-Branch

  • Glass Tea Pot Set
    Cristal Room

    This tea set includes a glass teapot, two pieces of tea cups, a bamboo tea tray.
    Now On Sale 50% off.

    Glass Tea Pot Set-Cristal Room

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